Imported professional technologies to analyze the susceptibility genotypes of chronic diseases very common in Hong Kong. To detect multiple genotypes at a time, link to the risk of diseases, and conduct proper health management as early as possible to achieve a healthy life and stay away from diseases.

Service groups

  • Chronic Diseases: Cardiovascular, Dementia, Diabetes, etc.
  • Cancer Prevention: Colorectal Cancer, Breast Cancer, Liver Cancer, Lung Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Stomach Cancer, etc.

  • Preventive healthcare: Stress, Obesity, Alcohol Metabolism, Caffeine Metabolism, etc.
  • Immune Function: Asthma, Ventilation, Rhinitis, Arthritis, Cell Aging, etc.

Eugenics healthcare

Utilizing the latest genetic technology, decode health and talent genes helping parents understanding the nature of the children and prepare appropriate parenting plans to ensure children having a healthier, happier and excellent life.

Service groups

  • Children’s talent plan: Memory, Understanding, Thinking ability, Compassion, Learning ability, Reading ability, Wisdom performance, Emotional control, Social skills, Muscle strength, Guts, Explosiveness, Musical sense, Listening, Concentration, etc.
  • Children’s health plan: Blood glucose, Liver detoxification, Protein metabolism, Hair growth, Physique, Vision, Allergy, Anti-stress, etc.

Medical Cosmetology

Everyone is unique and has different genotypes and characteristics. Hygeia establishes the most advanced technology and tailors the applicable medical beauty program based on individual genetic phenotypes.

Service groups

  • Skin Testing: Medical Cosmetology Genetic Test
  • Gene “Beauty” series: DNA Anti-Aging Mask, DNA Activating Mask.

Tailored professional services

Besides the above services, Hygeia provide exclusive genetic analysis services, various biomedical test and molecular biotechnology services.

Cancer Detection

Detect and monitor active cancer cells in the blood earlier:
tumors, angiogenesis, circulating cancer cells, circulating vessels. When there are tumors more than 0.2 cm, cancer cells may pass through angiogenesis to consume the nutrients and oxygen needed for their growth. On average, a gram of tumor may release at least one million cancer cells into the blood per day.

Testing Procedures

  • Early detection: Accurately detect cancer cells more than 0.2 cm through regular screening to achieve early detection and immediate treatment.
  • Efficacy assessment: Evaluate the effectiveness of treatment by measuring the number of cancer cells in the blood before and after treatment.
  • Post-operative follow-up: After surgery, patients can detect the metastasis or recurrence of cancer through regular cancer gene detection.