Cancer Gene Analysis

Cancer is No.1 killer in Hong Kong. World-renowned medical research has confirmed that the cause of cancer is directly related to genotypes in the body;
PREVENTION is an urgent task because cancer is mostly caused by bad living habits, daily environmental problems, food safety problems and stress, etc.
The all-round tackling cancer gene analysis technology can accurately detect cancer cells more than 0.2 cm, to achieve earlier detection and immediate treatment

Our Vision

All Asians can master own health with genetic test

Our Philosophy

What is taken from people is to be used in the interests of people

Our Spirit

Begin with sincerity Progress with diligent

Our Concept

Scientific, Professional, Rigorous

Our Mission

Decode body with our professional genetic test services
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Gene Target Biomedicine Group Awards

  • Taiwan’s annual outstanding enterprise Golden Torch Award
  • Taiwan Quality Excellence Award
  • Selected as the representative of Taiwan’s four star industry biotechnology and medical success industries
  • Awarded the Taiwan Top Ten Potential Enterprise Company Innovation Design Award
  • Taiwan Excellence Enterprise Award
  • Selected as the first brand of ECFA Top 100 Enterprises
  • Chronic disease susceptibility gene innovation detection wafer development
  • Taiwan’s research department – Industry professional network plan
  • Innovative Cosmetics Component Efficacy Assessment Gene Analysis Wafer and Operating Platform Development
  • Innovative colorectal cancer drug efficacy evaluation gene wafer commodity and simple operation system development plan
  • Standardization of colorectal cancer treatment efficacy evaluation technology development plan
  • Cancer target treatment drug efficacy prediction new product and its automation system research and development plan
  • Breast cancer gene detection wafer and its automation system development
  • Iressa and Cetaximab efficacy prediction wafer development